Jun 8, 2012

Gifts for Baby Boys

Recently one of my friends had a cute little baby boy. I wanted to make something personalised Punch Embroidery for him. And so I got designing this cute little dinosaur vector art. I had a lot of girly designs, but my options were limited when I came to designing for boys. But I loved this idea of dinosaurs. And they were pretty easy and simple to design.

I choose vibrant colours for the embroidery. The actual embroidery was done very fast, but the green background took me 2 days to complete. I did not expect for it to take this long, but it sure was worth the effort, the final product looks so colorful! And the bright red frame complements the embroidery so well. 

The size of the embroidery is A4. Different frame sizes and colors are available on request. If you are interested to make your own embroideries, please proceed here to take a look at my Punch Embroidery Kits


  1. Cute ideas and makes a wonderful gift with a personalized touch! Loved all ur crafts! Keep going with your creativity!