Jan 17, 2012

Hand-phone Pouch

For enquires please email chitra_visalakshi@yahoo.co.in or call 9482 1285.

Pencil Pouch for Girls

Cute cupcakes for the girls....

 back view of the pencil pouch...

 Fabric lining on the inside of the pouch....

For enquires please contact Chitra_visalakshi@yahoo.co.in.

Pencil Pouch for Boys

For enquires please contact chitra - 9482 1285.

Make-up Pouch - Personalised Embroidery

For enquires please contact chitra_visalakshi@yahoo.co.in.

Hand-phone Pouch

Customised fabric hand-phone pouch.

Back view of the pouch...

Engraved Box

Engraved metal boxes for a wonderfully personalised gift.

Glass Coaster - Fruits & Veggies

Glass table coaster with fruits and vegetable patterns.

Fabric Table Coasters

Fabric table coasters with monogramed initials, a set of 4/6/8/10/12.

Glass Coasters - ♥ Chocolates & Icecreams....

Glass Coaster