Punch Embroidery Kits

This is an unique embroidery technique called punch embroidery.
Here are a few sample embroideries.

Easy to use begginers punch embroidery kit are also available.
Free demostration included.

Each kit includes:
- Punch Needle x 1
- Cloth for embroidery (With the design drawn on it.)
- Punch embroidery threads
- Design colour chart
- Embroidery Hoops are available on request.
- Step by step instructions

This technique is relatively easy to learn. You can use these kits to create beautiful and unique embroideries!

Custom ordered embroideries are also available.

I will personalise and customise the design according to your preferences and then embroider it for you.

Below is a sample of one of my custom designed embroidery!

For enquires pls contact me at chitra_visalakshi@yahoo.co.in