Apr 20, 2017

DIY Flower Hair Clips

This DIY tutorial was created as a guest post for the blog onlinevoice. With just a few simple items, you can make your very own quirky flower hairclip that is guaranteed to turn more heads than anything you will buy at a store. Once you’re done, you can show them off to everyone.

DIY Flower Hair Clips
Things Needed:
1 hair clip
4 petals cut out of felt
Thread (matching with the petal colour)

- -  Cut 4 petals out of any desired colour felt material. 
 (The shape of the petal is similar to the top half of a heart).
Use a needle to pull thread on to the petals as seen below.
Pull lightly on the thread and gather all the petals together to create a flower pattern and then tie off    
the knot.
Then sew the flower on top of the hair clip.
Sew some pearls on to the felt flower and your beautiful flower hair clip is ready for use!