Jun 13, 2012

Jewellery Box

Ladies admit it; we all have had jewelleries which have taken over our dressing table space in a mad disarray. Mine have taken over 2 drawers and a wardrobe door! I like all my jewellery on display, so that I know what I am looking for when I am rushing out the door.

This jewellery box is actually a watch box, custom ordered by a client. She wanted some sort of storage for her dozen or so watch collection. I was not sure how to go about designing a watch box from scratch.

So I bought a good sized gift box, it was fluorescent green in colour to start with. I didn’t like the colour, and so I took some pretty blue and white striped fabric and covered the box. I lined the inside of the box with a bit of padding, and royal blue felt lining on top of it. The padding and felt together gives a soft cushy surface to protect the watches/jewellery. The process of covering the box with fabric and felt seemed easy to begin with, but it was so too time consuming.

The box shown in this pic is L 29cm/W 20cm/H 9cm; it comes with 4 round inserts to hold your watches and bangels. Custom sizes are available on request.